Modern Arnis

Master Jose E. Bueno


Date Location Address & Contact Information Event
13th August Redding, California  Redding YMCA 1155 North Court Street 530-246-9622 Two day Seminar
14th August Redding, California Central Valley High School 4066 La Mesa Avenue 530-921-0966 Two day Seminar


Two day Seminar

Redding, California

13th and 14th August 2004

Friday 6:30 to 9pm
Saturday 9:30am to 3pm
Register by 9 August $45 for both days
or $60 at the door

Send all preregistrations to
Eli Gonzales
595 White Way
Shasta Lake, CA 96019

For more information contact Eli Gonzalez @ 530-275-3938

This page was updated on 27 July 2004

Don't miss a unique opportunity to experience weapons training with one of the true masters of the art of Filipino stick and knife fighting. Master Bueno has blended his years of experience in Jujitsu with his years of devotion to Modern Arnis. The synthesis of these two distinguished and formidable arts accentuate and compliment one another with astounding abandon. A seminar with master Bueno will include single stick and knife defences, and the transition to the empty hand. Jujitsu practitioners, in particular, will find this level of weapons training an invaluable addendum to their training of balance and leverage. You will see your Yawara come alive! Hand speed and flow will be emphasized as will be the clear and unique transitions to take downs and throws. Due to the nature of this type of training, an opportunity of this kind is designed for Jujitsu practitioners with the rank of Ikkyu and above but is also open to other Jujitsu colour ranks with the permission of their Sensei's. Furthermore, such a seminar is also open to all other styles of the martial arts with their Sensei's permission.

Master Bueno is available to conduct seminars at your dojo too. To find out more information on having Master Bueno demonstrate his blend of Modern Arnis and Jujitsu, e-mail his assistant at the address below with your request and proposed dates and times. Master Bueno's assistant will contact you with the information as soon as he consults with master Bueno's calendar.

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